Fields Of Application :

  • Pharmaceaticals.
  • Paper & Pulp.
  • Textile Industries.
  • Food Processing Industries.

Application :

The Investment Casting Pump pumps are suitable for the chemical and petrochemical industries. Easily pumped media are acids, caustics, sulphate, phosphate, ammonia, nitrogen, nitrates, chlorides, dyes, oils, solvents, sulfides, alcohols, light hydrocarbons, aromatize, condensates, etc. The Investment Casting Pump pumps are also suitable for pharmaceuticals, papers & pulps, textile and food processing industries.

Designs :

The Investment Casting Pump - ICP series pumps are designed with Din 24256/ISO2858 is a end suction, horizontal, back pull out pump. Dynamically balanced closed impeller in radially split, top discharge volute provides smooth flow of liquor.

Features :

The Investment Casting process pumps are manufactured to meet customers specific requirements within the models Investment Casting it requires minimum assembly time and minimum inventory of spares. Investment Casting is very high-class technology zerodefect investment casting pump offer higher efficency & smoothly hydrodynamic flow.

Sealing Arrangements :

World's best quality gland packing and also provision of jacketed stuffing box for high temperature applications. Generous seal cavity permits easy fitment of maximum range of seals in internal, external, cartridges types with API sealing plans.

The jacketed stuffing box can be used in high temperatures ranges 150 Deg. C. to 200 Deg. C.

Bearing Arrangements: :

Our heavy duty bearing housing and bearing bracket is designed in single piece so that alignment will not get disturbed even after at-site maintenance.

Highly accurate oversized shaft and multiple selection of ball bearing, angular contact and cylindrical bearings, as per application to withstand radial & axial thrust and assure continuous extended service life.

Oil bath either grease lubricating system assembly chosen as per application resulting combination are completely interchangeable.

  • Maximum interchangeability gives minimum spares parts inventory.
  • Greater quality control and accuracy in production of every unit with modern machining operation.
  • Back-pull out design permitsquick inspection of repairs of rotating elements without disturbing piping connection.
  • Company loaded with ISI & ISO standard testing facilities to provide best out of it.
  • Experienced, talented and educated staff is capable to give best to customers and to the country.

Range :